12 Ways to make a woman fall in love with you

12 Ways to make a woman fall in love with you

12 Ways to Make a woman Fall in Love With You

I know you love her and you’re trying everything within your means to make her fall in love with you, Well in the article I will be discussing 10 ways to make her fall madly in love with you and these results are proven results that have genuinely worked over time and for many people who have doubted that their woman can madly fall in love with them.

I have a question to ask you. Does she get angry or complain you do not give her time? or listen to her when she talks to you about how her day went? Do you fail to compliment her looks oftentimes? Then this article is for you, Make sure to give her plenty of time and show her with words and actions how important she truly is to you.

Always remember, it’s the “little things” you do often versus the “big things” you do occasionally that provide the most return on investment into your Love Bank Account!

Let me assure you that no matter your situation and the kind of relationship you have to find yourself in this technique and tips will work when applied appropriately.

12 Things You Need To Start Doing

1. Compliments her looks

Even the ugliest person loves to compliment how much more a woman you claim you love, good compliments bring out the ego in women especially when it comes from the right person. You don’t have to wait on her birthday, relationship anniversary, seasons, and valentine’s Day to compliment her, it should something you do every day when she gets dressed to work, compliments her looks, makes new hair, compliments her looks. Your compliments should be sincere, honest, and sweet. Make use of the right words, such as babe or honey you look amazing in this outfit.

While trying to do all this, do not overdo it. Overdoing compliments can harm you, and result in rejection. So, do it appropriately and frequently and you’ll get rewarded for it handsomely within a short time I assure you.

2. Listen to her

We all love it when people listen to us express our feelings how much more women, women love to be with a man who listens to their issues and concerns without having to force it. Communication makes relationships more healthy and she is going to start telling you things more than her best female friend when you start listening to her.

Give her advice where necessary and when necessary, just make sure she is done talking before you say anything, with this you are already one step ahead of anyone in her life, she will make you her best friend and she is gonna fall for you.

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3. Support Her Decisions

Everyone desires to be heard and supported where necessary and this is one of the most important tips here. It enhances love and trust. It does not necessarily mean you carry all her problems in your head, It could be assisting with daily chores and errands or something more important like her career, be fully present with an open mind and ear.

Please do not misunderstand me here. Supporting your women’s decisions does not mean agreeing with everything she says hook line and sinker, no. we can always disagree to agree where necessary when is done with the right judgment or righteousness. You must have to think through her decisions and communicate effectively about your take on them and why you disagree. Doing that with respect will make a whole difference and is going to work like magic.


3. Do Not Shy Away from Chivalry

Chivalry is a gentleman’s manner. I believe you are a gentleman and you should be to your woman. Chivalry is little things such as pulling out a chair so she can seat, opening a door for her, or giving her your coat in chilly weather, which is capable of making anyone feel special and adored.

When she comes to know the depths of respect you have for her in your heart, you’ll once again be filling the Love Bank Account that will offset your mistakes.

5. Give Her Attention

Quality time has been proven by many schools of thought to be one of the good ways of wooing a girl fast, It increases desire and to have her fall deeply in love with you. You can start finding hobbies she likes or activities she talks about most often and share them with her.

Make sure when talking with her or when you two are together put away your phone and be fully present, not body present absent-minded.

6. Tell Her How Much You Love Her

Do you want to make her fall for you? Then never be shy with your affection always. Most times we got it wrong when we think we know our partner loves us simply by being there. Actions they say speaks louder than voice but not in all cases. Words of affection toward your partner mean a lot and that will make fall in love with him so fast. Secondly, so she does not get it elsewhere.

7. Looking Good

Looking good they say is a good business always. You have to start looking good always. Except for all the good habits, times and seasons have proven that women are attracted to handsome men. You should groom yourself to be the version of yourself. Get the best perfumes, and clothes out there, Then if you cannot afford the best clothes out there, at least the ones you have should look neat. Good smart watches and nice glasses that give you fit and affordable shoes should do. When you look neat and take pride in your appearance, your girl will fall in love with you all over again.

8. Nourish the Love between You

Don’t be like those men that wait on special occasions like Birthdays, Relationship anniversaries, Valentine’s days, etc to shower love and attention on women. Bring her flowers just because you feel like getting them, new month afford a cake and say a happy new month. If you can afford it take her on a surprise date. Tell her how much she means the world to you and continues the demonstration of love. This will bring out the best in her and she will start loving you

9. Good Date Ideas

While trying all the above tips I have been sharing, Planning, and sharing unforgettable amazing experiences with her. Women like being adored and pampered. Look for amazing date ideas, take her on it and enjoy some quality time out with each other. Creating new and wholesome novel experiences together increases the quality of your relationship. Give it a try.

10. Be Funny and Joyful Most Times

Not even Satan himself, no one enjoys being around a downer, Let your walls down as a man, you don’t have to be hard to impress always. Be playful, and joyful, and have a great sense of humor, it does not mean you are a weak man. It makes your woman feels free to tell you things ordinarily she wouldn’t. It allows your woman to enter your world.

11. Be A Confident Man

Nothing is sexier to a woman than a man that is confident, and intelligent, Be confident about yourself always and what you intend to achieve. It serves as security to her.

12. Have A Future Plan For Her

Have a plan with her, discuss your two future together sometimes, engage in business discussions with her, and above all talk to her about what the future promises for you two.


These 12 tips have been my secret in keeping a strong healthy relationship with my woman and believe is gonna work for you too, All you have to do is to put them in places, and your right there. I wish you the best of luck in your love journey.

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